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Most pdf files published on this site are the post-peer-review, pre-copyediting version of the papers, and are not the version of record. The recommendation is to view and cite the version of record, which is available at the DOI address provided, whenever possible.

Advance online publications may end up having a volume/issue number for a different year assigned, which may result in a change in publication year. The citations on this page and the CV are recommended.

Tahamont, S., Jelveh, Z., McNeill, M., Yan, S., Chalfin, A., & Hansen, B. (2023). No ground truth? No problem: Improving administrative data linking with an active learning algorithm and a little bit of guile. PLOS One, 18(4), e0282811. [pdf]

Yan, S. & Augustine, B. (2023). Parental monitoring, exposure to family violence, and delinquency: A latent class analysis on Arizona youth. Victims & Offenders. Advance online publication. [pdf]

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Yan, S., Wilford, M. M., & Ferreira, P. A. (2022). Terms and conditions apply: The effect of probation length and obligation disclosure on true and false guilty pleas. Journal of Experimental Criminology. Advance online publication. [pdf] [publicly readable version of record] [supplementary file]

Yan, S., & Walker, J. (2022). Does the premium fit the risk? The role of criminal escalation in case processing. Crime & Delinquency, 68(9), 1462-1491. [pdf] [supplementary file]

Yan, S., & Lao, J. (2022). Sex disparities in sentencing and judges’ beliefs: A vignette approach. Victims & Offenders, 17(4), 597-619. [pdf]

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Tahamont, S., Jelveh, Z., Chalfin, A., Yan, S., & Hansen, B. (2021). Dude, where’s my treatment effect? Errors in administrative data linking and the destruction of statistical power in randomized experiments. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 37(3), 715-749. [publicly readable version of record] [pdf]

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Book Chapters and Reports

Yan, S. (2020). Estimating the size of plea discounts: Why does it matter? In C. Spohn & P. K. Brennan (Eds.), Handbook on sentencing policies and practices in the 21st century, The ASC Division on Corrections & Sentencing’s Handbook Series (Vol. 4, pp. 188-207). Routledge. [link to book]

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Redlich, A. D., Bushway, S. D., Norris, R. J., & Yan, S. (2013). Bargaining in the shadow of trial: Exploring the reach of evidence outside the jury box. Final report to the National Institute of Justice. Washington, DC: Department of Justice.