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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Note: The pdf files attached to this site are the post-peer-review, pre-copyediting version of the papers, and are not the version of record. The recommendation is to view and cite the version of record whenever possible.

Yan, S., & Lao, J. (in press). Sex disparities in sentencing and judges’ beliefs: A vignette approach. Victims & Offenders. [pdf]

Wu, S., Yoder, G., Lee, N., Yan, S., & Wolfersteig, W. (in press). Racial disparities in school lunch program participation and cigarette use: Evidence from Arizona Youth Survey data. Substance Use and Misuse.

Wilford, M. M., Zimmerman, D. M., Yan, S., & Sutherland, K. T. (in press). Innocence in the shadow of COVID-19: Plea decision making during a pandemic. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. [pdf]

Tahamont, S., Jelveh, Z., Chalfin, A., Yan, S., & Hansen, B. (2020). Dude, where’s my treatment effect? Errors in administrative data linking and the destruction of statistical power in randomized experiments. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advance online publication. [publicly readable version] [pdf]

Yan, S. (2020). What exactly is the bargain? The sensitivity of plea discount estimates. Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication. [pdf]

Wu, S., Yan, S., Marsiglia, F. F., & Perron, B. (2020). Patterns and social determinants of substance use among Arizona youth: A latent class analysis approach. Children and Youth Services Review, 110, 104769. [pdf]

Yan, S. (2019). Does criminal specialization predict case processing? Crime & Delinquency, 65(12), 1648-1688. [pdf] [erratum]

Yan, S., & Bushway, S. D. (2018). Plea discounts or trial penalties? Making sense of the trial-plea sentence disparities. Justice Quarterly, 35(7), 1226-1249. [pdf]

Redlich, A. D., Yan, S., Norris, R. J., & Bushway, S. D. (2018). The influence of confessions in guilty plea decisions and sentences. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 24(2), 147-157.

Yan, S. (2017). Search for the hidden punishments: An alternative approach to studying alternative sanctions. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 33(1), 21-44. [pdf]

Tahamont, S., Yan, S., Bushway, S. D., & Liu, J. (2015). Pathways to prison in New York State. Criminology & Public Policy, 14(3), 431-453.

Book Chapters and Reports

Yan, S. (2020). Estimating the size of plea discounts: Why does it matter? In C. Spohn & P. K. Brennan (Eds.), Handbook on sentencing policies and practices in the 21st century, The ASC Division on Corrections & Sentencing’s Handbook Series (Vol. 4, pp. 188-207). Routledge. [link to book]

Yan, S., Bushway, S. D., & Redlich, A. D. (2018). Discretion in the absence of guidelines: Charge bargaining and sentencing for felony defendants in New York. In J. T. Ulmer & M. S. Bradley (Eds.), Handbook on punishment decisions: Locations of disparity, The ASC Division on Corrections & Sentencing’s Handbook Series (Vol.2, pp. 133-151). Routledge. [link to book]

Redlich, A. D., Bushway, S. D., Norris, R. J., & Yan, S. (2013). Bargaining in the shadow of trial: Exploring the reach of evidence outside the jury box. Final report to the National Institute of Justice. Washington, DC: Department of Justice.