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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Note: The pdf files attached to this site are the post-peer-review, pre-copyediting version of the papers, and are not the version of record. The recommendation is to view and cite the version of record whenever possible.

Tahamont, S., Jelveh, Z., Chalfin, A., Yan, S., & Hansen, B. (2020). Dude, where’s my treatment effect? Errors in administrative data linking and the destruction of statistical power in randomized experiments. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advance online publication. [publicly readable version] [pdf]

Yan, S. (2020). What exactly is the bargain? The sensitivity of plea discount estimates. Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication. [pdf]

Wu, S., Yan, S., Marsiglia, F. F., & Perron, B. (2020). Patterns and social determinants of substance use among Arizona youth: A latent class analysis approach. Children and Youth Services Review, 110, 104769. [pdf]

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Yan, S., & Bushway, S. D. (2018). Plea discounts or trial penalties? Making sense of the trial-plea sentence disparities. Justice Quarterly, 35(7), 1226-1249. [pdf]

Redlich, A. D., Yan, S., Norris, R. J., & Bushway, S. D. (2018). The influence of confessions in guilty plea decisions and sentences. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 24(2), 147-157.

Yan, S. (2017). Search for the hidden punishments: An alternative approach to studying alternative sanctions. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 33(1), 21-44. [pdf]

Tahamont, S., Yan, S., Bushway, S. D., & Liu, J. (2015). Pathways to prison in New York State. Criminology & Public Policy, 14(3), 431-453.

Book Chapters and Reports

Yan, S. (2020). Estimating the size of plea discounts: Why does it matter? In C. Spohn & P. K. Brennan (Eds.), Handbook on sentencing policies and practices in the 21st century, The ASC Division on Corrections & Sentencing’s Handbook Series (Vol. 4, pp. 188-207). New York, NY: Routledge. [link to book]

Yan, S., Bushway, S. D., & Redlich, A. D. (2018). Discretion in the absence of guidelines: Charge bargaining and sentencing for felony defendants in New York. In J. T. Ulmer & M. S. Bradley (Eds.), Handbook on punishment decisions: Locations of disparity, The ASC Division on Corrections & Sentencing’s Handbook Series(Vol.2, pp. 133-151). New York, NY: Routledge. [link to book]

Redlich, A. D., Bushway, S. D., Norris, R. J., & Yan, S. (2013). Bargaining in the shadow of trial: Exploring the reach of evidence outside the jury box. Final report to the National Institute of Justice. Washington, DC: Department of Justice.